The source of all beauty

Located in the Diamantina region, Minas Gerais, our deposits bring the beauty and uniqueness of quartzites that enhance projects with a natural material of high quality.

Quartzites are natural rocks of great hardness, giving them versatile use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Due to their high resistance, they ensure quality and luxury, providing a unique material for each project. Discover our exclusive quartzites and be enchanted: Maldive, Artemis, Galapagos, Diamond White, and Invictus.

background jazidas
cs3 granitos jazida artemis jpg


White colors as a highlight and gray lines, striking and clean at the same time, offer a tonality that can be used in all types of applications.

cs3 granitos jazida galapagos jpg


Movements in colors, grays, blacks, and dark green. Intense and striking movements that surprise and imbue total luxury to the environments.

jazida invictus jpg


Fine and bold lines intertwine, expressing the uniqueness of beauty and sophistication in a material that is minimalist and elegant.

cs3 granitos jazida maldive jpg


It can vary between entirely white with gray lines, as well as a grayish background with gray lines. Brilliance and design that add nobility and grandeur to the projects.

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